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At The Vine, I focus on creating an atmosphere of relaxation and experience while achieving hair that you love. Services are always paired with an exceptional shampoo experience. Utilizing steam and aromatherapy you can relax away the stresses of the day. 

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Steam Washes

A steaming session can revitalize and moisturize the hair cuticles and follicles. Steaming the hair and scalp also can unclog pores, which helps encourage healthy hair and growth. It allows toxins from the scalp to be released, purifying the hair and increasing collagen production and blood flow to the scalp. Steaming the hair reduces breakage, softens the hair and adds shine. Experience the Difference of a steam at The Vine. 

What to Expect 

Prior to each wash you can pick from your choice of aromatherapy to be added to your experience and choose a hot or cold steam. Once you're back in the bowl and comfortable, steam will start to build around you in a soft relaxing way. The steam wash will last the entire time you are at the shampoo bowl, so lean back, breathe in and enjoy.


Want the perfect combination? Add an invigorating Scalp Exfoliating treatment and leave feeling completely renewed. See Services page for details on Scalp Exfoliating treatment. 

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