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Hair Services

Short Haircut and Style $54

Designed for precision pixie, clipper, fades, tapers. 60mins

Medium Haircut and Style $62

Medium length would be described as those in-between lengths, Lobs, bobs, classic mid-lengths. 75mins.

Long and Thick  $72

Long thick hair deserves extra love and extra time. 90mins


All cutting services include a relaxing essential oil steam wash and relaxing scalp massage, custom cutting designed for you and your lifestyle, and a style to finish. 

Special Occasion Styling $85+

curling, braiding, up-styles for any special occasion in your life. 60- 75mins

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Color Services

Balayage $140+

A balayage service is a great way to achieve a natural-looking, effortless hair color that has no hard lines of demarcation and gradual levels of brightness. Your look will be customized to your unique needs, adding dimension and texture to your hair. 2.5hrs


Traditional Highlighting $130+

A traditional highlighting service is perfect if you are looking to achieve all-over even brightness. Advanced techniques are used to ensure the desired level of brightness and dimension. 2.5hrs

Face Frame Highlights $100+

The pick me up service. You're feeling good about your balayage grow out but starting to notice depth creep back in around the face and hairline. With strategically placed foils, face frame highlights will get you feeling refreshed in the area it most matters.. your face, and extend the longevity of your balayage. 2hrs 

Cover My Grays  $92+

Let's just pretend they don't exist and create a gorgeous color. Ideal for guests with no more than 2inches of outgrowth at the root. 90mins


All color services include relaxing essential oil steam wash and scalp massage condition. In order to have adequate time please be sure to book a blow-dry or haircut on top of your color service.     



Scalp Exfoliating Massage Treatment $40

Experience the amazing effects of scalp rejuvenation. Bask in the serenity of steam with a lavender heated eye mask during a 3 step process that exfoliates, cools, detoxifies, nourishes and soothes an itchy scalp, irritated or flaky scalp. 20mins

K18 Molecular Repair Treatment $25

K18 is taking the hair world by storm and rightfully so. Reducing damage and restoring your hair working from the inside out, this 2-step treatment ​is proven to leave you with silky, soft touchable hair. 10mins

Protein Treatment $10

Protein is the link that holds healthy hair together. Without protein the hair lacks shine, softness, strength, and the ability to hold onto your gorgeous color. 5mins

Hydrating Treatment $10

We all know Colorado climate can be brutal on hair, take the time to pamper your locks with a much needed drink they deserve. 5mins


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